larrisa schepers

Larissa Schepers is an artist based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. As Tilburg being a former textile city, Schepers focusses on using textile techniques to produce her works. With a fascination for beads she uses different techniques such as weaving, knitting and embroidery to portray her message. Living in a time area where the pace of time is meant to move as fast as possible, Schepers prefers to slow down. Her works are produced by hand, and she values the knowledge of the forgotten crafts. Her use of materials in combination with the variety of techniques, almost summon the viewer to touch the work. With this strength, the viewer touches the subject that Schepers wants to adres.

2021 Envision Invites, Dutch Design week, Eindhoven
2021 Commision werk, Gemeente Tilburg, Tilburg
2021 Kunstvierdaagse, de Blauwe dwaas, Tilburg
2021 Finisage Master Apprentice, Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam
2021 Object, HAKA- gebouw, Rotterdam
2021 Master apprentice, Kunstpodium-t, Tilburg
2021 Why Dwell in the Blue Mountain?, Witte Rook, Breda
2021 Vrijheid van nu, Galerie Poulloeuf, Naarden
2019 Wall of future, Galerie Zone, Leiden
2019 Vrouwenwerk, Muzee Scheveningen, Den Haag
2019 Talent Invasion, Tassenmuseum, Amsterdam
2019 Graduation Festival 2019, KABK, Den Haag
2019 Exposed, Billytown, Den Haag
2018 Exposed, Elektriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag
2017 Exposed, Elektriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag
2016 Exposed, Elektriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag
2015 - 2019 Bachelor Mode & Textiel, Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag, Nederland
2013 - 2015 Lifestyle en Design, Koning Willem I college, Den Bosch


info@larissaschepers.nl +31 (0)6 – 22 75 4936